XXXopoly review with Donna

  • July 10th, 2013
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Good clean erotic fun!

I found that the start of the game is like any regular board game. It takes a couple of turns before it starts spicing up. The game includes its own currency. When players start running short on money, the time chips come into play. This is when the getting the game really become exciting.

The instructions on the cards are simple and familiar for people to follow. The game is both pleasurable and fun to play and brings out your sexy and playful side. There is nothing too embarrassing that you would be hesitant about.

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I would advise that a person reads the cards before starting the game as there are a few items that the hot and heavy cards require. It would make it easier and much smoother to play if you have all the necessary items available on hand before starting, such as a coin, candy, alcohol, sugar, phone, blindfold, tea candles, hair brush, rope, massage oil and food items. The game can be as fun and exciting as your partner is.

Personally I would recommend this game to all my friends as it can bring spice to relationships and get them to engage and act out fantasies that we all have.

This is the most excitement I’ve had playing a board game.

This game take the bored out of board game.

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