About Gigi

I matriculated from Paarl Gym and then went on to do a Bachelor of Drama at the University of Stellenbosch. I’ve had training in ballet, jazzart, mime and piano.

At Stellenbosch, I did the first full frontal nude scene in the production Equus. This was the first time nudity had ever been seen in Stellenbosch at the H.B. Thom.

After university I worked in several productions for CAPAB and then moved to Pretoria to work for PACT. For PACT I did high school and primary school productions, touring the Platteland from Johannesburg to Secunda, doing prescribed school works with fellow new actors.

After PACT I worked with an anti-drug group lead by Steve Hamilton, a reformed drug addict, doing a drug play at schools. We toured Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg helping young children and teenagers to deal with a growing drug problem in our country.

Once I had fulfilled my calling here, I danced in ‘Spellbound’ with American magicians for Sun International.
Thereafter, I concentrated purely on dancing. I started off dancing in South West Africa at a venue called Alle Pergola. After that I was a member of a formation team doing dance shows at the old Caesars Palace in Braamfontein.


I enjoyed dancing in a team but I felt there was something more out there for me, and so I started doing erotic dance shows at clubs and venues across Johannesburg and it’s surrounding areas. Executive Shows has remained my agent throughout my career as an erotic dancer.

Recently I went back to stage performing. First in 2000 with a play by Alexander Strachen entitled ‘Hartebees’, and this year I will be doing a play directed by Deon Opperman entitled ‘W.H.O.R.E.’ It’s a one-woman show about a stripper with a masters degree.

I have also done a number of television ads. The latest being the S.A.A. advert where I played a confused blonde who thinks the airport is a shopping mall. You may have seen it.

I won the title ‘Penthouse Pet’ in 1997 and the title ‘Striptease Queen’ in the same year. Since then I’ve done plenty of glamour work and special appearances.

I also did the play “Nipplecaps and G-strings” touring the different festivals and theatres. What a privilege to work with the brilliant Deon Opperman. He wrote and directed this play. In 2005 we toured to Potchefstroom with the last of the trilogy of plays, “Academy of Love – Ladies Night”. This play is exclusively for women. The play came about after I had so many women phoning me and asking to learn to lap dance for their partners.

During this time myself and my partner, Mike, opened The Lollipop Lounge in Randburg. We employ mostly South African girls. Our aim is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, not only for our customers, but also the girls working for me.

In July 2007, I was approached by Packed House Productions to bring “Nipplecaps and G-strings” to the civic theatre. This will be the first time I’ll be playing in English.
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See you there!

Likes & Dislikes

My Dislikes:

  • Hair on a man’s back
  • Dirty fingernails
  • Old and new dog pooh on the lawn (I’m a cat person)
  • Unfairness – in any way
  • People that litter – in any way
  • Use of foul language
  • People that don’t look me in the eyes while they’re talking to me.

My Likes:

  • My special man (that’s a secret)
  • Toned , muscular legs on a man – Those of a cyclist
  • A soothing bath with nice rich oils especially after a Saturday night and doing 6-8 bachelor shows.
  • Red wine in front of a log fire in the arms of someone I love
  • Ice cold red-fleshed prickly pears
  • And that warm glowing feeling of appreciation that I get when I’m on stage