Scoop: Stripping is not everyone’s cup of G

GigiI watch in horror as students storm a university campus hoping to register. A mother dies in the stampede. Just ­young people, starry-eyed, wanting to study. Unsure of the future.

I think back to my student days. I studied drama at the University of Stellenbosch, not because I had an incredible talent, but because of an English high school ­teacher who introduced me to the wonder of theatre. The stage, the wings, waiting for the audience to settle, your entrance and then: magic! I knew I wanted to study drama, or rather, study the magic of anticipation. My mother had other ideas – a nurse, a flight attendant.

But not for me carrying bedpans or being a glorified waitress! Not to mention the fact that I hate air turbulence. A long road followed to the Lollipop Lounge. Owner of a lapdance venue, actress and winner of Survivor. A road less travelled by many young women.

Three young girls came to see me today at the club. To be wait­resses, to earn cash, to make ends meet. I studied a brunette as she walked in. She was on heels, with a tight bum and leggings that ­showed off the bum even better.

“I’m sorry,” I start, “I don’t see a waitress. I’m seeing a showgirl.”

She giggled: “I can bellydance!”

I hear my receptionist snigger in the background. She knows me by now. My receptionist was a brilliant dancer herself in the day. “Dancers make 10 ­times more money than waitresses. Do you want to make money or really good money?” I ask, studying her closely. “We can train you as a dancer. If you don’t like it you can always change to a waitress!”

This is my normal speech. There is another option. Where in life do two options come your way? Two ways of making money in this day and age, where students storm universities to register. A career. “I’d like to give it a try,” the young brunette with the tight bum smiles.

She comes in the same night to start her new career as a dancer, but throws in the towel. Taking off her clothes is not for her. That’s ­fine. She will become a waitress and stand on the sideline watching dancers make 10 times more money. She will respect those brave girls. She will always remember that she tried to be an exotic dancer. She will be proud she had the guts to try. She will tell her grandchildren many years from now and they’ll say, “Wow, Grandma! We can’t believe it. It’s so cool.”

Truly a long and winding road.


3 Responses to “Scoop: Stripping is not everyone’s cup of G”

  1. coco says:

    Hey gigi, I must say you are incredible and beautiful. I’m from a grounded family and I grew up being taught that strip clubs are for hoochies. Well I say darn it!!! U ladies are making a great living and are atleast supporting yourselves. I’d love to be an exotic dancer I’m not the worlds most flexible girl but it fascinates me lol. I did ballet many years ago and it was so much fun. Keep the the fabulosity love coco mhwa!!!

  2. DD says:

    Well done girl. You are a real goddess!!! ThanX

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