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And there I was on Friday night at a Prestige award evening in Johannesburg. It was a hot summer evening with the first summer rain brewing outside. I was sitting in the darkened auditorium listening to the gifted Colette playing the first movement of Mozart’s violin concerto with an angelic smile. She played the violin concerto and received a standing ovation. What a privilege for me to witness this young girl receiving a bursary in music. What a great company to give money for such a gifted musician and to see the importance of leading our youth to achieve in the arts. I was thinking about my own young lap dancers at the club and how gifted they are in their own unique way. And yes lap dancing is an art. Just ask the guy with the glossy eyes making his way to the bar after a dance.” A higher form of art “, they have assured me many a times.

As a dancer you will arrive at the club for your evening shift at 18h45 and join the rest of the girls in the dressing room. You will lock your bags away and do the last corrections to your make-up and hair and then leave the dressing room. And that’s when Rose Swanepoel becomes Minina. You will sit with various clients do small talk and then eventually one will say “Dance for me!” You will lead him to a darkened cubicle and there you will turn this stranger into the most desirable sex object ever. With your eyes you will mesmerize him; with your boobs swaying in front of his mouth you will make him gasp with desire and when you slowly remove your G-string his eyes will be locked onto that secret place between your legs and you have him! You have just played Mozart in all the movements possible and got a standing ovation.

Yes, I have observed a master in writing. Egmont Sippel has received many prizes for journalism. For a motoring journalist to be honoured for his use of language is a great achievement. A first ever in the history! An academic recognition. I have always loved the men of the academic. Even at varsity I was in awe of my Classical Culture lecturer. He wore big glasses, curly black hair with a shirt that looked like it would pop right off of his body. I had endless fantasies about him. I should have concentrated more on what he taught seeing that I loved Florence and all its art when I visited in August.

Back in the club I realized the importance of giving recognition to good work. I am presenting my top dancer of this year with an Arend Eloff statue. The statue symbolises a young woman standing proudly with her arms ending in wings. I wish I could afford a bursary but now this statue representing financial freedom will have to do. Freedom to apply for your first bond, buy your own car and to look after your family!

Have a great week!
Xx GiGi

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