Ben-Wa Balls review with Minina

  • July 10th, 2013
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These balls might, at first sight, seem like simple little balls, but boy would you be wrong.

This toy can be useful in more ways than you can think. They can be used for “exercise” or for pleasure, for one or two people …

The Ben-wa balls also vibrate and can be used to keep you smiling without anyone knowing why. It’s your own dirty little secret.

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I loved how they massaged me inside my vagina with the various vibrating modes. Then, there is the invigorating feeling from wearing them while riding a bus or seated on a coin-operated tumble dryer. It really makes you get that “good vibration”.

How about using them for you and your kinky half? Insert them and let your partner enter so you can both experience palpitations from the undulations as you have a steamy sex session. Insert the first two balls and leave the last one by your clitoris and let him go in and start up the massage mode! He will feel the vibrating inside which gives him twice the sensation while your clit gets tickled at the same time.

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They also get used as exercise for your vaginal muscles, sort of a “tug of war”. This exercise tones your vaginal muscles which is also an advantage.

Well, these balls have many ways to be enjoyed, so what are you waiting for?

Go grab your sex life by the balls!

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